Welcome to our school.


 Statesville Montessori is a small, private school in North Carolina serving children from preschool through 8th grade.

Our school offers an alternative to typical, test-driven, teacher-focused learning. The Montessori Method suggests that children should be in charge of their own learning with nurturing teachers who gently guide students - offering freedom within limits. Multi-age classrooms foster collaboration, community, and leadership skills while independent work hones responsibility, time-management, and work ethics. Children begin to love learning and become enthusiastic seekers of knowledge.

Our roots run deep. The beginnings of our school came from a love of children and a desire to answer Iredell County's need for a new approach to education. Nearly 40 years later, the school's vision and leadership has continued with a new generation of that same founding family. We all benefit from that sense of family and purpose while working together toward an even brighter future.


Children's House

Our preschool campus services children aged 2 1/2 through preK. We offer half-day and extended-day programs to accommodate parents' busy schedules.

Main Campus

Situated on a private and peaceful 11 acres, the main campus is the home of our elementary and middle school classrooms, the gymnasium, and the administration building.