Enrichment classes

All students At Statesville Montessori benefit from the variety of our special classes:



Our Art class provides a fun, educational experience where the students can be creative and think outside the box.  We focus on a wide variety of techniques and mediums and learn about famous artists and their styles.  Throughout the year, your child will bring home wonderful artwork that you will want to display in your home.


From basic mouse skills to beginning coding, computer lessons are broad-based. Upper elementary students learn spreadsheet & slideshow applications. Middle school students incorporate yearbook design into their skills. Keyboarding begins as early as 1st grade and continues through upper elementary.  All computer users at SMS learn and practice responsibility with regard to technology use.




Beginning in Kindergarten, students check out books on a computerized catalog system. Learning research methods, writing stories and making books are among the library activities that challenge the older classes.


Students experience rhythm, voice instruments, composers and musical notation through our vibrant music program. Special musical productions allow students to share their talents and love of music. Elementary students will continue to learn to read music and to play recorders, xylophones and other small instruments. Middle School students will learn the ukulele and dulcimer, which they will play for the residents of Kings Grant Retirement Community.


Physical Education

Regular classes in physical education teach students a variety of sports and games, from lacrosse, soccer & basketball, to archery and calisthenics. P.E. is a non-competitive opportunity for learning. “Strong Bodies Build Strong Minds” is a favorite school motto.


Spanish lessons begin at the Children’s House with a variety of topics from color to conversation. As elementary and middle school students progress through Levers I and II, art projects, cooking, & studies of Spanish-speaking countries are incorporated into the curriculum.

Carnival Celebration

Carnival Celebration


All students have the opportunity to perform at SMS. Students stage entertaining productions for school assemblies and family audiences. Each year, the middle school students perform a Shakespearean play on our school stage. In addition, students may perform in classroom talent shows, building their confidence in small groups.