In keeping with the Montessori Method, we have multi-age classrooms called 'levels.'

Children's house

CHILDREN'S HOUSE--  pre-school, beginning at 2 1/2 years old

The carefully prepared environment at Children's House offers the child the ability to explore Montessori-themed manipulatives in a safe, loving environment.  They begin to learn independence, social skills and the foundations of language, music, math, and Spanish.

Approximately two miles from our main campus, the Children’s House campus was originally a home purchased and converted in 1975. It is located at 111 Hartness Drive. 

Parents may choose whether to send their child to morning preschool from 8:30 to 11:45, or to extend their day to 2:30. For parents who need all-day care, children may be transported to the main campus at 2:30 for our Extended Day program that lasts until 5:30.


PRE-PRIMARY--  kindergarten, ages 4 & 5

Kindergarten at Statesville Montessori is an exciting time partly because the children move to the main campus and have frequent exposure to the "big kids" in elementary and middle school.  It's also exciting to begin taking on more responsibility, honing their reading, writing, and math skills with daily independent work.

Specialist faculty members integrate other aspects of learning into the students’ experience.  Each Pre-Primary class has weekly Enhancement classes. 

lower elementary

LOWER ELEMENTARY--  grades 1-3, ages 6-9

Lower elementary students have weekly plans that list the assignments they are expected to complete on their own.  Children learn to focus and manage their time as they work independently throughout the day. Additionally, students gather in small groups to receive lessons from their teacher. When work is completed, children may choose activities such as art, reading, or special interests. Throughout the week, students also experience Enhancements.

upper elementary

UPPER ELEMENTARY --  4th & 5th grades, ages 10-12

Students in upper elementary have refined their work habits and are challenged with more complex subject matter. At this level, students receive numeric grades for their performance and discover a new level of motivation. In addition to their academic subjects, students engage in weekly Enhancements. This is also when students begin their community service requirements.

Middle school

MIDDLE SCHOOL--  grades 6-8

In middle school, students change classrooms throughout the day for different subjects-- Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.  Spanish I and II are offered to prepare students for high school. Expectations increase in the areas of organization, managing assignments, community service, and personal conduct. Graduates are well-prepared for high school and beyond!