Admission to Statesville Montessori School is based upon the following:

APPLY - Submit an online application and begin a conversation with our administration.

ADMISSIONS - The process of determining acceptance:

  • Provide previous school transcripts. The applicant’s present school should send an official transcript of courses taken, present grades, and any standardized test scores. 
  • Demonstrate satisfactory performance on placement tests. Placement tests (or the results of a recent achievement test) are required for new students.  Students who are entering kindergarten and first grade will be given readiness tests.
  • Personal interview with the Director. This interview is an opportunity for the applicant to learn more about our school and for the director to get to know the applicant.
  • Official notification of acceptance.

REGISTRATION - Complete the electronic registration and submit Fee.

ENROLLED - When above criteria have been met, applicant is officially Enrolled.