When asked what sets Statesville Montessori School apart from other school environments, I believe it is that SMS takes a young person and gives them every opportunity to learn through a multisensory approach. Auditory, visual and tactile methods of learning are implemented and given each individual learning style, the catalyst to attend and to thrive. Each student is taught at a learning rate that is best suited for him/her in an environment that fosters increasing independence and strong self-esteem.

Another wonderful advantage to being a part of the Statesville Montessori Family is that the kindergarteners know the students in the middle school and the middle school students know the kindergarteners. Even in the classrooms, the third graders are working beside the first graders, the fourth working with the fifth. This benefits both ages as the older students develop their skills and set the example, while the younger learn by seeing and doing and one day will grow into that role as well.

Once a child graduates from Statesville Montessori School, he/she is a well-rounded, confident young person that has been given the foundation to move into a different learning environment and meet whatever challenges come their way, a direct reflection of our strong network of dedicated teachers, support staff and the Montessori Method of learning.
— Susan Tharpe, parent
My first experience with Statesville Montessori, sixteen years ago, was as a parent of a kindergartener. From the moment I walked on campus, I could tell this was a special place. As I toured the classrooms I noticed the students were engaged in their lessons, the teachers were actively involved with the students, and they all seemed happy to be there.

There is a family atmosphere to Statesville Montessori school. The small classes allow for special opportunities for families to get to know one another and support each other. During my time at SMS as a parent and now an employee, I have seen many students who have been given this strong foundation of learning and respect for others grow into highly capable, well-rounded young people who meet with much success in their high school years and beyond.
— Cindy McNeely, parent/employee
Patient! Engaging! Motivating! Interactive! These are just a few of the many words that come to my mind when thinking about the people that set Montessori apart. The teachers of course. My parents decided to enroll me in Montessori in the 2nd grade once it was determined I lacked the necessary reading and writing skills to continue in the “typical” grade school classroom atmosphere. Within a year, Mrs. Chris had my reading and writing skills quickly up to speed through the use of creative, innovative and inspirational teaching techniques. Fortunately for Montessori and the kids who attend, every teacher is like Mrs. Chris: challenging but compassionate and most important, insistent upon preparing their students for the future.

In addition, the ability to take part in extracurricular activities is an incredible benefit of the overall education process and atmosphere. I still have personal relationships with classmates and sports coaches. As a matter of fact, three of my classmates still remain my closest friends to this day. After graduating from Montessori, I was well prepared for both high school and college. My work ethic provided me with the foundation from which to succeed on both a personal and professional level. If I raise my family in or around Statesville, without a doubt, my children will attend Statesville Montessori.
— Henry Armistad, graduate