cultivating many kinds of smart

At Statesville Montessori, we pride ourselves on our academic excellence. We are especially proud of the life skills our students learn, too.  The workers of tomorrow need creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers. Montessori prepares our students to meet these challenges.

LEADERSHIP - Mixed-age classrooms allow the younger children to be inspired by older role models while the older children practice leadership and kindness.

INDEPENDENCE - Students have the choice of work activity from within a prescribed range of options.

CREATIVITY - A child’s natural enthusiasm for learning is nurtured as individual interests are followed.

WORK ETHIC - Uninterrupted blocks of independent work time allow students to work at their own pace.

PROBLEM-SOLVING - Students learn concepts working with hands-on materials and teachers encourage self-discovery.

SELF-AWARENESS - Freedom within limits teaches students to be mindful of how their behavior affects their peers.

RESPONSIBILITY - In the classroom, students take ownership of and work together to maintain their shared space.

SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS - Children work together on school-wide and community-based projects to benefit others.